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Just a starting writer with some focus on poetic fairy tales in a narrative style for the time being. If you need something written just approach me and I'll see what I can make of it. You can reach me here and on clark-laws@hotmail.com Cheers, Clark Laws

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Well I guess I have to show what I can do. so here, a fairy tale as a post.


Nelda's journey to the sun

There once was a spirit of the lake.
By elder trees she held her wake.
Nelda was what she was called.
Never did she leave or stalled.

This spirit was a protector.
And a very wise spectre.
When the men gathered at the elder tree.
She let their minds run free.

Filling their head with the best plan.
And form wisdom for this man.
But if you cut the tree down.
You best form a concerned frown.

Bad luck will befall you.
So best take a branch from a yew.
Or if there is no other choice.
Tell the reason with a soft voice.

She was loved and praised by all of man.
Statues of her were raised by every clan.
Once every year they would build a throne.
And the villages she would be shown.

And a cloth would be draped over her.
Sometimes of wool, sometimes of fur.
She would be carried back to her lake.
And washed for her own sake.

Her life could not be better in a twist.
But there was something she missed.
She never got to be a mother.
This seems small for any other.

But for her this would be the dream.
It was an internal scream.
Till one day she heard a tale.
A method that would work without fail.

It was of her brother, the sun.
That is where the life begun.
She would need to ask him.
And she left in a whim.

The travel was full of danger.
But to that she was no stranger.
She continued, though it burned.
To hear the secret he had learned.

She went all the way to the core.
Through flames and fire she would soar.
In the core she found her brother.
He gave her the secret to be a mother.

And in the sun her twins were born.
Protection they were sworn.
Vry and Frieh were their names.
The twins born from the flames.

Vry was given control of the weather.
And as a king he wore a feather.
Frieh had the gift of love.
And reigned with beauty from above.

Never feel guilty for what you want.
Try to get it or it will haunt.
In your thoughts so give it a try.
To reach your own Frieh and Vry.

There are a few more on the writers forum if you are interested.

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