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Entry #2

Looking for bored artists.

2018-02-23 10:11:59 by gameguy96

I have written a short book, composed of several fairy tales. And I had the idea that it would be interesting to make an illustration with every story, like you normally see in fairy tale books. My idea was to have several styles of art(drawings colour, black and white, digital, painted etc.) by various people. I'm going to be upfront about this, I am as good as broke. so payment won't bean option. I do however plan to try and publish it, so I will credit every drawing to their respective artist. I have no idea if that will succeed, but I will keep the artists in question notified on the progression.
some examples of the various stories can be found here:

The stories I have open now are:
4. The dance of the nixies
7. The lonely skin changer.
8. The white women
9. The moss queen
11. The swan mussel
14. Nelda's(waterspirit) journey to the sun
15. The lullaby of the crow
17. The hedge fairies

I will adjust the list to open stories and PM you the story. If you want to switch after reading it, or not participate afterwards. That's fine. Thank you beforehand,

Clark Laws


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2018-03-13 00:51:04

Hope things move along well for you on your project look forward to seeing the final product. Also with your continous work with us, cheers mate.